10 Ways To Lift Your Mood During Difficult Times.

We all experience moments in time where our moods take a negative slump. Here are 10 ways to lift your mood during difficult times.

1. Take a walk
Walking can help you distress in many different ways. It can provide a distraction from the world around you. It gets your blood pumping and increases your heart rate. A change in environment can change your entire perspective.

2. Read a book
Reading can expand your mind and help you step outside of your world and into someone else’s. Books can teach or entertain and often do both at the same time.

3. Listen to music 
Music can shift your brain wave patterns. Fast, loud, aggressive music can put you in the mood for a big day or a job interview.  Soft music can help you relax and unwind. The trick with music is to select sounds that convey the mood you wish to feel, not those that reinforce a mood you’re trying to change.

4. Burn a candle or incense
Candles, incense, and various essential oils can take you away from your stressors and can help you improve your state of mind.

5. Meditate
Meditation is the practice of focusing your mind very intently on something simple, like your breathing and then holding your mind there and being patient with yourself while you observe how difficult such a simple task can be. Meditation can be used as a spiritual practice or as a way to clear out the worry and conflict in your mind.

6. Spend time in nature
Take a walk in the rain or let the sunshine be your motivation to become one with your environment. Take in the beauty of the natural world and it can help restore your spirit.

7. Pray
Speaking to your higher power, whether you understand Him to be a traditional religious deity or the unknown forces operating in the universe, provides meaning, clarity, hope, and faith.

8. Call a friend
The companionship of a friend who understands your emotions is an excellent way to regroup. Pick up the phone and call your best friend or close family member and talk out what you’re feeling.

9. Breathe
Practice deep breathing. Take a long, slow breath in and count to 10. Then breathe out and count to 10 again. Repeat the process of breathing in and out while counting until you feel the tension in our body and mind relax.

 10. Take a nap
Sometimes the best medicine is to block out all distractions and take some quiet time to rest. Lie down and take a nap. You’ll feel better when you’re rested.