A Few Easy Donation Ideas

anthony beyer volunteer

On this blog, I like to feature ideas on ways to give back to your community that are easy and that anyone can do. Being an active philanthropist is not easy work, but there are things we can all do for the benefit of those around us. Here are a few more ideas for donating to charities with money, time, or support.

Take Action – Volunteer at a local soup kitchen, or for an established charity like Habitat for Humanity. This is a great way for younger people to develop philanthropic habits before they have the resources do give money to any particular causes. Volunteering can often be the gateway to further charitable endeavors.

Volunteer Virtually – The internet offers so many opportunities for charitable work, and finding the right cause is easier than ever. An article I read recently pointed out something worth remembering about volunteering on the web. Many organizations need help with websites, social media, written content to share. If you have web skills that charities can use, offer them!

Clean Out Your Closet – We all have clothes in our closets and dressers that we are never going to wear again, like the shirt someone gave us that just isn’t our taste, or, alas, the clothes we just don’t fit in anymore. There are people who can use the clothes that you don’t need anymore, so go on a cleaning spree and give away whatever you don’t want to keep.