Charity Softball Games

anthony beyer charity softball

I honestly did not realize that this was as huge a thing as it is, but charity softball games run by star athletes is apparently a very common occurrence this time of year, when you’ve got both football and basketball in the offseason. It seems like a fun way for athletes to raise money for a good cause, while still doing what they do best – entertaining the fans.

There are a couple of things that make these events really fun. First, you get to see professional athletes playing a different sport, and performing perhaps slightly out of their elements. Yet, their natural skills most likely translate to another sport – especially something as casual as what is essentially pickup softball – so you still probably have a chance to see some impressive feats if you happen to attend. You also see players acting, well, a little goofy since they aren’t playing for championships and big money contracts, and are just sort of having fun playing for a good cause. For example, at Dirk Nowitzki’s recent charity softball game, fans got to see Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys do a backflip in the outfield – something his coach would probably be quite upset with him for if he did it on the football field during a game since he could injure himself.

anthony beyer dez bryant

Charity events like these are really a big win for everyone – not just for the team that wins the softball game. Fans have fun, players have fun, and worthy charities get the support they need.